How to Find the Best Countertop Store in Denver

Finding the right countertop store can seem like a burden.

If you’re not completely familiar with the industry, finding a countertop store in Denver that perfectly suits your needs as a consumer can surely seem like a daunting task.


We’re here to tell you that finding the best countertop store in Denver can actually be quite easy.

So give this page a look and take this tips to heart as we’ll quickly cover some helpful ideas that can make your search for the right countertop store a breeze.

The Best Countertop Store Will Be a Wholesaler

Best Countertop Store in Denver

As we’ve discussed in other blog articles, like the “4 things you didn’t know about countertop stores”, if you want to be in the most power over your project you should look for suppliers who are wholesalers.

Why is wholesale so important?

Finding a wholesaler is critical as you’ll be able to buy the entire slab or amount of materials for your project.

But wait, isn’t this the case at other suppliers?

Not, necessarily…


The Best Countertop Stores Will Think “Outside-the-Box”

Countertop stores in Denver that aren’t true wholesale tend to operate in this manner: they’ll sell you the slab yet withhold the price of said slab and tell you the entire price after fabrication has been included.

But why is this a bad thing?

The supplier is essentially marking up your slab twice to make as much money off your project as possible. You’ll be charged twice for your material – without you even knowing!

White Macaubas Quartzite Granite Countertop Store Granite Liquidators

Whereas at Granite Liquidators we’ll tell you the price of your slab without hesitation.

Plus, we’re so transparent about our pricing that it’s on our website!

So the benefit of finding a wholesaler resides in the fact that you’ll be the actual owner of the material and won’t fall victim to double-mark ups from fabricators and installers.

The Best Countertop Stores Will Be Quarry Direct

Another thing to look for when searching for the best countertop store in Denver, is that if the supplier is quarry direct.

Being quarry direct means less stops from the quarry to your home – saving you hundreds of dollars! Plus, quarry direct suppliers like Granite Liquidators will have a larger and more diverse selection of colors and materials.

wholesale granite countertop store

Because we are quarry direct, we are able to get granite, quartzite and marble slabs at a lower cost.

So shopping at a supplier like Granite Liquidators will give you more to choose from, at a fraction of the cost!



To wrap things up, what qualifies a granite countertop supplier as “the best”?

  • True Wholesale for transparent pricing
  • Think “outside-the-box” and will do things differently
  • Quarry Direct to save you money

We have the largest supply of natural stone countertops in the Denver Metro Area, so whatever you’re looking for – we have it.

Never fall victim to unknown material prices and double mark ups again. So give us a call to get started on your granite countertop project, today!