Alaska Antico


Alaska Antico captures the beauty of the white capped Alaskan mountains. The slabs snow whites, strands of black, and flushes of grey create the illusion of textured mountains that will become a monument in your home.

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Mountains… if you’ve ever flown above them they look like an artists canvas. The different colors of paint scraped across a canvas to form the various peaks and ranges. image the snow capped mountains of Alaska. Scraped across the canvas of Earth. Their shades of white and strands of black running down their sides and meeting the base. These lines of black, and the shadows that the peaks cast across themselves create this beautiful texture that is unrivaled. They are a dominant figure on Earth. That is what Alaska Antico granite slabs capture. That dominance, strength, and beautiful texture that is unmatched.

The black strands and deep grays are like shadows and grooves cut in the mountains. The white shows the snow caps, popping from the piece with dimension, an illusion. One large piece of white on the slab carries the appearance of a large iceberg floating in a deep black sea. It is because of these features that the piece brings in a lot of light and draws attention. This piece has a lot of “motion” in its pattern would pair well with a stable base color that places this piece on a podium while allowing it to act as an accent to the design.


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