The jet black specks and snow white crystals of Alaskino swirl together, converging in sweeps of color like snow over black ice. The movement in this stone is perfect for those who want their design to flow.

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Like the black seas and black ice of Alaska, swirled with and swept by snow so white, Alaskino carries its black and white specks and slicks of color like a current running through the stone. The splashes pool together to form larger concentrations of black and white. The mixture of the small specks with the white presence add a different dynamic creating an overall grayish stone color. Swim in the current of this stone by allowing the flow to move with the design of the room. This can be imagined as a long counter in an alley kitchen that moves into a dining room or open space.

Putting the stone on a black or white base will accent one color over the other depending on your color scheme and design. But working with the more hidden colors of the stone, accenting the room to bring those colors out will do this stone justice.


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