Black Taurus


Black Taurus is one of those stones that will never have a twin. Each stone has its own unique variation and that uniqueness will transfer to your kitchen, bathroom, or bar. It shares a color palette similar to both Galaxus and Senda Magma, but do not get it mistaken as this stone has more distinctive features and markings.


Quarried in Brazil, Black Taurus Granite is a deep black gneiss that has many different applications. Its veins or waves of white and gold make it a very interesting stone to use in indoor and outdoor settings. It is commonly seen in countertops, pools and fountain applications.
The stunning beauty of the Black Taurus Granite will make you proud to own a slab of this unique stone. The white and gold veins flowing throughout the stone, ensure that no two stones will be the same. Pair it with a lighter cabinet and décor to make it really stand out.


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