Bordeaux Supreme


The peachy or rather blush color of this stone brings a lot of warmth and energy to any design. The pattern runs like waves of incredible variations of the blush tones.

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Bordeaux Supreme is blushing. The overall pink tinctures in this stone show an impressive variety of blush that ripple as waves do throughout the stone. each wave bringing in a different color and texture to the pattern. There are large pieces of crystal in the corner that add a jewel quality to the overall image. Then there are plum tones and peachy washes. It then appears as if a yellow tone was added like watercolor but then blended into the blush color creating a new color. This is accented by puffs of grey that run diagonally with the pattern. Each new color seems to be outlined/ highlighted by thin lines and dots of dark grey and black.

This beautiful stone has a lot of warmth and original color that is very unique. The energetic peachy blush color is perfect for designs that want to have both movement and warmth while also keeping an overall tone to their design.


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