Brazilian Black Dual Finished


Brazilian Black is that sleek, versatile color that creates sturdy lines that tie a room together. For that it is a popular choice for many homeowners who want a clean and classic look for their home.

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Solid black countertops are a very attractive option for many homeowners because they are consistent, easy to match with any design or alterations to a room, and are sleek choice for those who want clean lines and more subtle features in their home than what patterned granite provides.  Brazilian Black is a versatile stone that can be paired with any color, and looks great with stainless steel.

All black countertops look beautiful on white bases with a subway tile or white stone veneer wall. It draws the eye and breaks up the room to show the separate pieces and allow them to speak for themselves as individual accents rather than one blur of color that has no way of differentiating from each other. This stone also works well on wood stained in a chocolate colored stain as it plays into that pallet.


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