Delicatus Gold


This slab is characterized by the delicate cream color of the base shaped by the black clusters and natural diagonal flow of the pattern. There are watercolors of yellow and hidden dots of gold and brown that make this stone so much more than what it seems.

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The name Delicatus Gold is very representative of the design and colors of this stone. The delicate creamy base of this slab is characterized by the fades of watercolor pastel yellow, dots of rusty gold and brown, and largely by the clusters and spread of both big and large dots of black that move across the stone in a diagonal pattern. Because of the subtle colors and the overall black and white this stone can fit the category of classic, and simple, yet incredibly beautiful and therefore popular.

Whether you choose a white or dark base this stone is sure to bring in those clean lines to your design while also adding interest and movement to the space.


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