Fusion Wow


Fusion granite is a dramatic multicolor granite with deep bluish grays, creams, and rust colors. It not only doubles as a beautiful stone but one of the most unique there is to offer. This durable granite is available in slabs and is recommended for any projects including countertops and backsplashes.


Fusion Granite is a truly spectacular stone that has captured the attention of the granite market worldwide. Originating in Brazil, Fusion Granite is one of the most highly sought after slabs because of its beauty and durability. Its vivid color palette of black, grey and gold is on display through the dramatic waves and movement on this stone.
Fusion Granite gets its name because it is a fusion of colors and no two stones will ever be exactly alike. When choosing Fusion Granite for your countertops or bathroom, you are making a statement with this stunning stone. When matching countertops to this stone, the possibilities are endless. Because of its multidimensional color, light or dark cabinets would match perfectly. Try to also avoid major patterns in the room, as to not draw attention away from the stunning waves of black, grey and gold.


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