Golden Cayman


This gem of a stone has hidden gold strands surrounding the black crystals and swimming around in the cream undertones of the stone. Its as if someone is showing off dark gems in the most elegant and natural way possible.

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Golden Cayman gets its name from the notorious hidden wealth of the Cayman Islands. The golden overtones, creamy vanilla backdrop, and interwoven shards of black crystal present mimic that same wealth as if it were created for such. The classy, neutral tones and simple yet moving pattern of this stone truly are a hidden gem, as there are few that can replicate this style and tone. If you look closely at the stone you can see the gold strands weaving through the cream colors surrounding the black crystals, giving this stone a more secretive richness than noticed by quick glance. Hide your “wealth” in Gold Cayman.

The gold and cream in this stone allow for a soft palleted design, but this slab would certainly do well to be on a darker pedestal. This stone will look great in any elegant design, but don’t let that limit you, hiding your gems in a rustic theme may prove it to be even more valuable.


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