Golden Tiger


Tigers are characterized by their golden fur, black stripes, and white underbelly. Golden Tiger has captured the wildness of these colors in an exotic pattern that can’t be tamed.

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Tigers are one of the most impressive animals in the wild. Their identifying colors of golden, black, and white are one of the most unmistakable in the animal kingdom. The magnificent power in the movements of the tiger are both deliberate and striking. Golden Tiger has caged that wildness in the colors and pattern of this slab. The golden tones seeping into the deep lines of black, white, and grey that makeup the pattern of the stone.

The exotic nature of this stone makes it a dominating piece when placed in a design. Using it as an accent that is tied in with a more natural or rustic color pallet will allow the movement in the stone to be unleashed, while being grounded in a similar tone.


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