Hurricane Gold


The hurricane of colors such as dark and light browns, deep black, ashy grey and smoky silver create a pattern with a lot of movement and depth. The earthiness of the tones would tie well with any rustic or natural design.

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The eye of the storm sits swirls in the center of the stone as if a hurricane itself were sweeping through. The darkest part is showing its depth with dark brown that then strands outward into the swirls in the stone that surround it, spreading their impressive colors that will leave their mark long after the storm has finished its rage. Like a hurricane it stirs with rapid winds and mixing air. The darkness is carried with it, bringing a range of colors such as light brown, gold, silver and grey, and the darkest black. Together they rush across the seas and into land, where it is sure to be remembered by all who encounter it.

This exotic pattern can be used for a range of products. Tie together earthy colors and a rustic feel with Hurricane Gold.


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