Indian Juparana


The stone grey in this stone swirls with a clay pink that carries whispers of the mysteries of the Indian deserts. The warmth of this stone can bring a lot of energy into your home. When paired with a grey base you would give the colors a chance to speak louder ( they soon may be shouting compliments).

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Swirls of clay pink and stone grey appear in Indian Juparana like swirls under the sun over the deserts of India. Waves of sand and warmth creating an illusion, a mysterious mirage. Like the colors of the wind blowing through, whispering secrets. Time passes slowly as the waves flow around you, wrapping you in their warm colors. The mystery within the swirls of this slab are what leave a lasting impression on those who experience it.

The warm and swirling colors bring a mysterious energy into your home that can be complimented by a warm grey base that would allow the colors to speak louder.


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