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Jack Multi Color


Jack Multi Color is has earthy and rustic colors that brings a coziness that most homes try to capture. The golden oranges, reds, and browns mixed with the denim greys and blues have an energetic quality that can fill any home.

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When you think of a rustic home you think of tones of gold and orange mixed with tin greys and soft blue-jean blues. They are the colors that warm you. Colors that make a home feel cozy, and weathered in a way that makes a home what it is. They are the colors that bring the energy of life. Jack Multi Color is naturally imbued with these colors, carrying with them all the vivacity and earthy energy into your home.

When these colors are used in a design they are often accompanied by mason jars carrying delicate flowers or sunflowers, brass nobs, and rustic themed sinks. Or they can be imagined with large farm tables and hand-made pottery. The possibilities when adding this textural element to your design are riddled with an earthy and rustic feel that you can’t go wrong with.

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6" x 24"


1.5 CM to 2.5 CM

Units Per Case

6 SQ FT or 6 Tiles