Madre Pearl


In essence, Madre Pearl looks like a pearl that has been plucked from the sea and rolled out into a slab. It has a silvery gray color to it with faint lines of seaweed green. It would look incredible on a gray or even green base.

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Madre Pearl looks as though a large pearl has been taken and rolled out into a slab. Its shiny silver surface marked by waves of seaweed green that weave faint lines, like growth marks, throughout the slab. White streaks lash the surface like seafoam catching a wave and washing to shore. Leaving their impressions behind. Madre Pearl, in essence, looks like a pearl plucked from the sea.
This unique and beautiful stone, because of its luminescent quality, would look great on a darker base, most likely a light gray base. If you are more interested in color, this stone would look incredible if you match your base with the same faint seaweed green lines that are in the stone.


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