The range of colors captured in this stone are toned down to a more subtle and blended color to compliment each other. They are then accented by an emblem of rusty gold that creates a drawing feature to the stone that can be utilized as a centerpiece for any design.

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Minsk captures a lot of different colors, such as light blue, aqua, peach, yellow, gold, and charcoal black. One end of the stone starts of a lighters and more blue-grey scale and gradually advances to a more vibrant array of colors and tones where a rusty gold is enhanced and broadcast as a gorgeous feature, an emblem in the stone. It’s rare that a stone can feature such a rainbow of colors, yet tone them down to subtlety, to blend them together for an overall soft and cool tone.

The array of colors allows for versatility, and we’ve seen this stone paired with many different bases and features, including glass. Your choices are endless when you have a stone with tones that can be enhanced and accented creativity and uniquely.


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