Mont Bleu

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The cooling colors of Mont Bleu need very little to be seen as an art piece. It can be imagined as a mural in a modern office, where it will be seen for what it is, a piece of art.

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You walk into an office building with tall ceilings and large windows that span the walls surrounding you. Except one wall. Behind the light grey reception desk you look up as the blue and gray striations spread across the wall and continue upwards to reach the ceiling several stories up. The floors a light grey color, maybe a glossed cement. The light blue and smokey grey of the granite on the wall is the focal point of the room, the sole art, and the only art needed. Mont Bleu carries this rich texture and elegance in the simplest way.

The cooling and soft colors of Mont Bleu are classic and timeless. They work well with modern and soothing designs that want to highlight the natural beauty of this stone with little else needed.


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