Moon Light


The small dots of grey and black spread across Moon Light granite in a consistent pattern that creates an overall static grey tone across the slab. These classic colors and the white base of the stone will capture light and reflect it, brightening any room the way the moon does the night sky.

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Have you ever stared at the moon and dreamt up a whole new world? A world illuminated in the cool and solid tones of the moon. The grey, black, and white colors creating a static look across the surface, illuminating the night in its glow. The glow from the moon is actually a reflection from the sun, which highlights the incredible retention of the colors of the moon. Those same colors appear in Moon Light granite in a consistent pattern. The close proximity of the dots of grey and black over the white slab create a static grey color across the slab that many homeowners seek for a more traditional and classic look.

The classic colors of this stone are highly desired for a clean and traditional design that will brighten up any room.


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