Nadi Grey


Nadi Grey is perfect for any accent wall that will give any kitchen a touch of spice without overwhelming the other neutral colors. It has a nice mix of grey and white that allow the space to stay consistent while allowing a little more personality to be brought into the space.


Simplistic and full of luxury this stone will take any room from ordinary to high class. If you are wanting to accent your kitchen or bathroom with some texture and dimension Nadi Grey is the way to go. With this stone, you get the crisp and clean look of the white with touches of light and dark grey. This stone would be a great pair to a darker stone to lighten up a room or too even contrast a more vibrant and deeper colored countertop. With the variety of color, you will never get the same look twice, your home with be accented with a unique beauty that looks like its straight out of a magazine. Give your home a touch of beauty that will make your visitors jealous. By adding this accent, you will tie your overall design together and never want to leave the room.


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