Netuno River


With colors so notoriously praised by the ancient astronomers as they looked at the starry heavens at the planet they named Jupiter, it's hard to go wrong. The warm colors and bold lines are strong characteristics that will be praised in your home for years to come.

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Small accents of burgundy and dark brown cast over a stone of cream and rusted gold. Small black speckles cluster to pull off the look of grey shades in various places throughout Netuno River. The striking pattern of this stone is characterized by the thick and bold streak of black, cream, and grey that run diagonally across the slab. The warm palette of this stone and the unique texture adds a new dimension to any design.

Because of the tiny splashes of burgundy and the ashes of brown this otherwise neutral stone draws the eye in any room. Placing this stone on a chocolate brown base will bring out the smaller accents and allow the warm tones of the stone to brighten the space.