Notorious Quartzite is a beautiful white stone from Brazil with very faint markings, sometimes compared to the look of a Calcatta. The veins are not as pronounced on Notorious Quartzite, giving it a softer feel than other quartzites.

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No two stones in Notorious Granite are exactly the same. In some stones, you will find the veins traveling horizontally across the stones, while in others they are moving in a slight diagonal direction. Imagine an artist raising his paintbrush to the stone as it moves in front of him in a horizontal fashion. He just lets the stone move and his paintbrush gently grazes the stone however it may happen. These are what the movements in Notorious Granite are reminiscent of. This predominantly white stone would pair well with any type of cabinet color, given its subtle elegance. Try being bold with you cabinet color choices with either a navy blue or an emerald green. Notorious quartzite is an excellent choice for kitchen or bathroom countertops and is truly versatile for most projects.


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