Persian Treasure Leathered


Persa Treasure has blue, golden yellow and black dots that are patterned in such a way that they create a liquid look that flows over the slab. The golden yellow adds a rustic look while the blue adds a soothing tone.

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Have you ever seen a portrait composed entirely of tiny dots that form an image? The dots more compounded in some areas and spread out in others. The more condensed those dots are the darker the color in that area. Well, Persa Treasure shares that similarity. Its dots are black, brown, vanilla, golden yellow, and a deep blue. Together they form a flowing image that streams diagonally across the slab. The golden yellow washes over, giving the slab a more rustic look. While the blue streaks in fine lines, giving the stone a more cooling appeal.

This stone would pair nicely with grey or blue base cabinets, which will bring out the accent colors more fully.


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