Pistachio White


The classic colors and pattern of this stone are typically attributed to marble, but the unique feature in this slab is the speckles of black that run largely on the corners and edges of this slab. It mixes classic colors with interesting movement to make an elegant stone.

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Pistachio White has a classic marble look and color. The elegant white mainstay of this stone is given movement and interest with soft lines and speckles of greenish- grey and very softened lines of gold that mix into the grey. The splashes of black are featured on the edges and corners of the stone and the lines run semi- diagonally down the stone from top to bottom. The slight shakiness of the lines add more movement to the stone, making it elegant and classy, yet interesting.

The white and grey make this stone incredibly versatile for all styles and projects. Use it with stainless steel, black or white base, glass, etc. No matter how this stone is used, the soft colors with its lines of movement will draw interest to any classic design.


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