South Beach


The colors of the beaches of South Beach are all represented in this stone, and so is the intrinsic warmth that those colors bring. Beige, white, brown, rusted orange- they blend together in small grains to form an inviting slab that will look great in any home.

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The beaches in South Beach are filled with billions of small grains of sand. Colors of beige, white, brown, and even small pebbles of black and rusty oranges, and golds blend together to form the vast beaches that line the coast. Their colors carry a warmth just the way this slab does. Those same colors mixing in great patches. In some places it almost looks as if the water has been washed over it, and as it sinks back into the sea, bubbles are left behind. Exposing even richer colors, and softer grains.

These sandy colors will look great on any wood base, especially woods of a lighter color. If you are looking for something warm, with a pattern that isn’t overwhelming, this is a great choice.


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