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Stardust White


*Only 2 Slabs Available*

Stardust White might remind you of a bright white star. Its white gases mixing with those of amber and rusted gold, faintly twisting together in space. This slab would look great on a white base, which will allow the fainter colors in the stone to really stand out.

Out of stock

Stars are made of gases, condensed by gravity, and constantly releasing energy- a radiation that allows us to see them. If you look closely the colors of the stars are magnificent reds, oranges, whites and ambers. You can see that again, when looking at Stardust White. Staring at this stone you can see all the wonders of the stars, imagine the bright white gases, floating silently in space, mixing with fine layers of amber and rusted gold. They network together, and float over the surface.

This is what you’ll see every day with Stardust White. This slab would look great on a very light grey base, or even a white base, in order to allow the colors within the stone to really stand out.

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