Ubatuba Green


Ubatuba Green is much like Ubatuba in that it is almost entirely black, with flecks of crystals that give it a bit of sparkle- and almost looks like stars in a night sky. The difference with Ubatuba Green is that the flecks of crystals are much bigger, and the undertone of the stone is a nice hint of green.

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When you look at Ubatuba Green granite, you are suddenly transported to a distant place, where you can stare into the starry night sky without the city lights that so often eliminate our view of space. It’s the flecks of crystal and the overall midnight black tones of the stone that make such an unforgettable scene. The movement of Ubatuba Green is subtle, almost mystically, and begs us to stare. Because this stone is both dark, and consistent, it would pair well with most kitchen designs. Green or wood cabinets would match particularly well with this stone, but it may also look nice with white or black cabinets if there are other accents to tie in with the green undertones of this stone.


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