Wooden Brown


Wood has been widely used for centuries, and is not only a durable and renewable resource, but is also easily transformed into a work of art, or a functional tool. Its highest value though, comes in its innate beauty. Wooden Brown offers that naturally beautiful color and grained look of wood, and combines it with of the most highly-sought qualities of natural stone.

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Wood has been used for centuries as the foundation for civilizations. Ships, homes, furniture, etc. were established by this widely available and versatile material. But its value wasn’t simply in those qualities. The intrinsic beauty of this organic material could be carved, shaped, and stained, making wood one of the most widely used and crafted renewable resources in existence. Wooden Brown captures that look of stained wood with its dark brown and the appearance of a grain that lightly streams diagonally across the slab.

Because this slab is consistent in its pattern and has a singular hue, it is just as durable as wood. If you are looking for a rustic or natural style in your design this stone will suit any base.


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