Butterfly Beige



Butterfly Beige is a very uniform stone, it has speckles of blacks, whites, and creams. What does bring some uniqueness to this stone is the butterfly effect that is present on it. Throughout the stone, some of the speckles look very similarily to that of a butterflies wings.


Coming from Brazil, this durable and traditional granite is perfect for projects and builder work. The tone and pattern of this slab is consistent throughout, with small specks of beige, black, grey and white adorning the slab in a uniform way.

The traditional style of this granite would make this a perfect choice to go with natural wood cabinets and modern design. A mid-level option for granite, Butterfly Beige gives you the predictability of a traditional stone, with that little something extra. The quartz deposits in the butterfly pattern in this stone make this a beautiful stone for your next project.


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