Cluttered with towels and cleaning products, curling irons, makeup, and a dozen other items- bathrooms can be tight. Some people find that living in a home that is more organized helps the home to feel more relaxed. A less cluttered space has been known to help people think more clearly, and feel more comfortable in their homes. Think, how often does coming home to a cluttered home create an instant bad mood. It just never seems to feel clean no matter how often you attempt to organize. Your solution…storage. It’ll change your life- seriously!

If you have more items in your bathroom is one of the places in your home that drive you crazy, then consider a few of these creative storage options:




Genius really. A basket and a wood rod. It’s classy and simple…


Building shelves above your toilet is one of the classic ways to add more storage to your bathroom… This example is just so, chic. Well done, we say.


Have no counter space around your sink? Such a shame. It really does withhold you from a lot of needed storage. The solution… put up a long narrow box with separators (You can make one yourself too, it’s relatively simple). Now you have all of your most used items presented in an attractive way, all right where you need them.


Use a wine rack to hang towels. Such a creative and simple solution if you have no linen closet. It gives the space an attractive pop of color as well.



Have a lot of makeup that just sits in a bag under your sink? Here’s a creative way to store all of your favorites. It’ll be easier to find what you need, rather than sifting through a dark and powdered bag. It may also help you keep track of what you need to resupply.


Mason jars are a cute addition to most homes. They have that country and farmhouse quaintness that most of us love. So why not use then as a convenient storage option that only adds to the style of your home. Perfect for those small items like q-tips. Get them out of that plastic bag and put them on display in a beautiful and easily accessible way. It may even encourage the kids to use them more often.


Again, shelves above the toilet is a great way to add storage to your bathroom. But if you would rather not put wholes in the wall then this might be a better idea. It’s attractive and easier to remove if you ever need to.



That empty space behind the door, or near the shower could use a few hung baskets. It’s a great solution if you are looking to tuck a few items away. This requires less of a display than shelves, and can be a great way to separate each persons items.


That tight space next to the toilet is always a bit tricky. It’s usually dead space, or reserved for a trash bin or plunger. We like this option better. Why waste space when it can look as great as this?


Okay… This may be a bedroom, but we still see the value in corner shelves. Have a small corner space in your bathroom? Consider adding shelves such as these to take a few woe’s out of the mess. Or… just use it as an excuse to decorate. We approve.