4 Things You Didn’t Know About Buying Wholesale Granite Countertops In Denver

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These facts will change your entire view on wholesale granite.

There are a lot of preconceived notions about buying granite, and most of those notions have to do with cost and process. The popularity of granite soared quickly from the 90’s. Before that, granite was much too expensive for the average household. It was a skilled labor and craftsman type job, and granite mining was even considered a dangerous profession. Now, with the popularity rising, better technology, and improved purchasing methods- buying granite has become a much easier and affordable process than ever before. And wholesale granite has become the ultimate way of achieving quality and affordability.

Wholesale Granite by Granite Liquidators

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1. We give you upfront pricing for each slab, as well as an estimate for your entire project.

Not every granite retailer is willing to give the pricing for their slabs so easily. Often you’ll notice that what they will offer is a general pricing, or levels. They will tell you an estimated price for the granite, and even then it is not guaranteed.

Another common thing you’ll see when granite shopping at non-wholesalers, is that getting an estimate is hardly accurate. It will often neglect the inclusion of fees or other costs such as fabrication and installation. Then, of course, you usually need to go through an entire sale pitch just to get the information you’re looking for to make a decision.

At Granite Liquidators, we show our inventory online with the exact pricing on the slab. When you call or visit us, we can give you the cost of any of the slabs as well as a free, no hassle estimate on what it would cost to fulfill the needs of your project, including an estimate on fabrication and installation based on our fabricator referral network.

2. You view full slabs, not just samples.

At big box stores, what you see is not what you get.

Often you will be looking at samples. What this means is, the slab, or picture of a slab, or even small foot sized (or smaller) piece of the slab is not what you will actually be purchasing. Each stone is unique. Each of their patterns and veins are different. You could end up loving a sample, but disliking the stone you actually receive.

That is why at Granite Liquidators when you like a slab and purchase it, we put your name on that exact same slab to reserve it specifically for you. That way you are getting exactly what you paid for.

Wholesale Granite by Granite Liquidators

3. You don’t need a fabricator or contractor to buy wholesale granite.

In the early days of granite, you would need a contractor or a fabricator already chosen in order to purchase granite. But now, you don’t even need a contractor at all, and you certainly don’t need a fabricator. At least not until you purchase the granite and need the stone to be cut and installed.

This means you can shop around for granite, purchase it separately and at a better price, and then have it fabricated. With wholesale granite, the prices are often the lowest you will find. We can refer you to fabricators that we’ve worked with in the past and have negotiated lower prices with. But you always have the option of who you go to for fabrication.

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4. Stones are purchased separately from fabrication.

Other companies will fabricate the stone in-house and usually tack on extra fees for this. When buying wholesale granite at places such as Granite Liquidators, you are only buying the stone- not anything else.

Often, this results in lower costs because we import all of our granite directly from the quarries, cutting out everything in the middle. So you can buy your singular granite slab for your project without any additional fees. Again, we can refer you to an outside fabricator. And there are many, each with their own specialties, pricing, and basic packages.


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