Finding Granite In Denver That Will Match Existing Cabinets & Floors

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Finding granite in Denver that will match your existing kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult.

Often, homeowners like to do smaller renovations, while still getting a large impact on their space. They do this by keeping existing countertops and flooring, and simply replace their countertops with something more durable, long- lasting, and beautiful. So they start looking for granite in Denver. Looking at a slab of granite in a showroom and imagining it in your kitchen or bathroom isn’t easy, especially when trying to match it with existing materials. But there are ways to make it an easier on yourself. We think we can narrow it down for you by providing a short guide to sifting through all of the granite and showrooms, to find the best match for you. You also might be interested in reading: 4 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Choosing Granite Countertops In Denver

Where to go- Finding the best prices on granite in Denver

Often people gravitate towards big box home renovation stores because they are easy. Everyone knows them, and typically knows where the closest one is to their home. The problem with this is that when you view granite at one of these stores, you are only able to view the sample. Samples can be misleading, because when you purchase based on a sample, you conclude that the stone you will receive will look just like the sample you viewed. But this is rarely the case. Not only that, but they will typically charge you more with fewer customization options for installation. Smaller, specialized showrooms will often have a better selection and a better variety. For example, at Granite Liquidators, all slabs are chosen by hand. We know it is incredibly difficult to sift through all the choices. So we choose the stones that provide our showroom with the best variety. We seek out an array of colors and patterns to make sure we have something that will suit every taste. And because these stones are imported direct, we can cut down the cost significantly, keeping you on budget.

Understand your options: Basic to Exotic

What is a basic granite slab?

Basic means that the pattern and colors within the stone are simple, consistent, and show less movement.

What is an exotic granite slab?

Exotic means that there is a lot of movement and color within the slab. There are thousands of colors and patterns to choose from. This is why it is important to shop from a showroom that offers a wide, but selective variety of stones. A place that gives you multiple color and pattern options while not overwhelming you, is a place that is thinking about their customers. You also might be interested in reading: FAQ: Questions We Commonly Get About Granite Countertops

A quick guide to matching granite to an existing kitchen:

As stated, every piece of granite is unique. That’s why there is no exact answer to which granite will look best. We always recommend bringing samples, pictures, color swatches, the cabinet door taken off and brought with you. Anything that can will help you match what you already have, to what you want to add. But in general terms, we can give you a few tips for buying granite in Denver:

Dark cabinets & floors

Black goes really well with many things. But you wouldn’t choose black countertops to go with your black cabinets. A nice brown, such as African Ivory, and similar stones, go really well with black cabinets. In fact, since most stones have bits of black in them, they will typically match black cabinets. But the most common choice for black cabinets are white countertops, such as Kashmir White. If you have dark floors with dark grey cabinets, these usually go with a lighter counter to brighten the room a bit, such as Calacatta. But we’ve also seen it with exotic stones with lots of color and movement such as Typhoon Bordeaux.

White & light cabinets & floors

When you have cabinets that are white, light grey, light blue, or any other softer color, it is generally better to keep your countertops within the same hue. White countertops with flecks or veins of other colors are often a great choice when matching it with lighter cabinets and floors. Also, Try Reading: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Buying Wholesale Granite Countertops In Denver

Bold colors

Say you have dark green cabinets, or a deep blue, or really any other color, it is best to try to tie together the colors in the stone with everything else in the room. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the cabinets, but maybe the tile on the floor, or the backsplash. Something has to anchor to the countertops, to tie the whole design together.

No paint, all wood

Unpainted wood cabinets are still around, and matching them to granite can sometimes be difficult. Generally, wood cabinets match best with earthy colored stones, with more of a brownish color to them. Something like Giallo Ornamental or Aviaro Brown. While finding granite in Denver, at the price you’re looking for, and matching it to your current kitchen can be a difficult process, these tips will help you get the results you desire!

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