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If you are a designer, fabricator, or contractor, contact us about our Partners Program and save big on your next purchase. We are proud to offer preferred pricing to our partners in the industry and would love for you to join the team. With over 400 slabs covering over 30,000 sq. feet of countertops per month, there is plenty of opportunity to be had as one of our partners!

The Granite Liquidators Difference

One of the things that we pride ourselves on here at Granite Liquidators is our buying process. Many other stone yards typically will purchase slabs from brokers or just general wholesalers. However, the purchasers here at Granite Liquidators hand select every stone that comes into our yard. We do this not only to insure quality, but our goal is to be proud of the quality and color of every stone that leaves our yard. If we wouldn’t put it in your clients home or business, then we don’t want to supply it. An area that our buyers focus on is, supplying and stocking more exotic granites and quartzites. These stones are seen as masterpieces to the clients that bring them into their projects. And because we are purchasing and importing them directly from the quarries that extract them from the earth, our selection is coming from the creme of the crop, not the leftover rejects from down the supply chain.

Did you know?

On average, our partners save 25% on each stone
purchased from Granite Liquidators!

For Designers:

Quarry Direct Pricing

Are you looking for a large amount of stones for a project you have or are trying to bid? Give us a call if you’re trying to source 8 to 500 stones and would like to get preferred quarry direct pricing.

Design Consultation

For your higher end clients, we are able to help with design consultation to pick the perfect stones. This service is available for designers purchasing from our private selection of stones or looking to buy 5 or more slabs. We are also able to get 2cm stones in larger quantities. Need helping finding the book matched pair? Take advantage of this service and please allow a 60-90 day lead time.



For Fabricators

Contractor and Professional Pricing

Get signed up to receive contractor and professional pricing. Your clients will always see retail pricing, but you’ll be receiving discounts on every stone you purchase. We’ll take care of your customers and show them around the yard and let you know which stones they are interested in. For customers that come to us directly, all we ask in return for a referral is that you offer the client a discount on install services. We are always looking for good fabricators, so call a manager and get started today!

Quarry Direct Pricing

We are able to help contractors win large commercial bids with our quarry direct pricing. Know your pricing and availability before the stones even lead the quarry. Typically, this service is not offered unless you are looking for a bundle of stones between 8-500 stones. Also, we don’t stock 2cm slabs, but if you have a large project that is specing more than 8 stones out of 2cm we can order direct out of quarry. Please allow a lead time of 60-90 days.


Preferred Pricing- on average you’ll save 25% per stone

We help sell stones to your clients- no need to come to our yard with your client

Leverage our buying power at the quarries to your benefit on larger jobs and rare stones

Call to get set up with our preferred pricing program!


What do I have to do to join the Partners Program?

It’s simple- call our office and ask to speak to a manager. We would love to get you set up as one of our preferred partners. We ask that you are licensed and insured in the state of Colorado.

Is there a cost to join the program?

No, there is no cost to join!

How do I get referrals from you?

After meeting all of the requirements of joining the Partners Program, we operate off of a referral-trade system. We work together to build both of our businesses.

Partners Program

Don’t forget to get signed up to see your preferred pricing!