FAQ: Questions We Commonly Get About Granite Countertops

granite countertops

Homeowners are installing marble and granite countertops in their homes now more than ever, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Natural granite countertops are becoming increasingly affordable, but their durability is what really draws people in. They can withstand intense heat, resist scratches, and can stand up to the constant use that other countertops materials can’t handle.

But you already knew that, you came here to get answers to questions frequently asked about granite

1. What are the best advantage for using Granite countertops over Quartz?

There are a few main differences between granite and quartz. The main one being that granite is a natural material, made over time by heat and pressure.

Quartz is a man- made material, or rather, machine-made material.

  • Not very Heat Resistant & Can Be Scratched
  • Patterns are basic and usally cost 30% more to purchase & install, since they come in smaller slab sizes

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Granite Countertops are a natural material made through heat and pressure over time, and there are no two stones exactly alike.

  • Are highly scratch & heat resistant
  • Unquie Patterns and Colors, with amazing Durability and longevity, and comes in over 54 SQ FT  slabs that can save you about 10 to 40% off your project (when compared to Quartz).

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2. How is buying from a Granite Wholesaler better for me?

Buying from a granite wholesaler provides you with a wide range of hand- selected natural stones that are imported directly from quarries around the world. This means that the middle man has been cut out of the equation, allowing for lower prices for your countertops.

  • Lower Prices On Granite Countertops
  • Faster Turn Around Times
  • Better Selection Than 98% of box stores can offer

But there’s an even bigger difference.

Bix box stores will typically sell their granite based off samples. What this means is that the customer will pick their stone based off the samples shown in store, but they won’t be purchasing that exact stone.

A local granite supplier offers the customers the ability to choose the exact stone they want. When a deposit is made your name or a placeholder will be put on the stone, reserving it specifically for you.

4. Can I install my granite myself or do I need a fabricator?

No. Granite is heavy, making it difficult to place properly.

Also, cutting the stones require certain tools that most homeowners don’t have. If you were to install the granite countertops yourself you would need to have the stone properly cut first, including the sink hole.

While some contractors do install granite themselves, without enlisting the help of granite installers, they will likely still have the stone cut by a fabricator first.

If you are a contractor or a homeowner and decide to get your stone cut by a fabricator and then install the slab yourself, make sure to seal the granite after installation to ensure it won’t stain or scratch.

This is also a good rule of thumb even if it is professionally installed. Not all fabricators will install, be sure to double check.

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5. I’m new at this… where do I start?

Starting with the countertops is always advised, for many reasons:

Countertops can be one of your most difficult purchases because of the number of choices. No two stones are the same. Choosing your countertops first will ensure that you find a stone that you like, with colors that suit you and the style you are aiming for.

Then you can match the cabinets and cabinet color to that stone.

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