Black granite countertops have a reputation to fulfill.

As the saying goes, “black matches everything”. The color black itself has a reputation of being sleek, modern, statement- making. Apply all of that to granite, and watch what it can do for your kitchen. But when most people imagine black granite countertops, they continually imagine the type of black granite that is often used commercially in apartment homes. The polished finish over a plain black with miniscule white flecks in it. They have consistency, and as mentioned earlier, will match anything.

But what most homeowners don’t know, is that there are hundreds of options within the sphere of black granite. It has as much to do with the finish, and the edging, as it does the characteristics of the stone. Different finishes and edges are typically used on darker stones, to make even more of a statement than black granite already does. Here are some of the finishes you can choose:

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Polished, Honed, Leathered

These are the three options you have when choosing the finish on your countertops. The most common selection is polished. But if you aren’t the type to look for a shine on their countertops, and you want a more rustic or earthy look and feel, you have options. Finishes other than polished are typically used on darker countertops, compare them to find which suits you:

Option 1: Polished Countertops

Most people recognize a polished finish because it is applied to nearly every granite or stone countertop in the country. It is that shiny, smooth texture given to countertops during fabrication. Ubatuba is the most popular polished black granite for its consistency and starry- like quality, and its low price. (check out Ubatuba)

Options 2: Honed Countertops

The photo below displays a beautiful kitchen with honed black granite countertops. Notice that the honed surface doesn’t give off that same kind of shine that you see with a polished surface, but you still get a smooth surface. It’s the in- between of polished and leathered. The satisfaction of a smooth surface, without the glare.

It is best used for low- maintenance, high- traffic areas such as floors, where it might be too slippery to use a polished finish. But it is increasingly used for vanities and kitchen countertops, as it hides smudges, fingerprints, and is still resistant to stains.

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Option 3: Leathered Countertops

Leather countertops refer to the sealed finish that still allows for some of the natural stone texture, while also maintaining the more truer color of the stone. It has little to no shine, hides stains and smudges just as a honed surface does, but with an added texture. There tend to be a limited selection of already leathered granite at showrooms, so it is best to catch them when you see them if texture is what you’re going for. (Check out our Negresco leathered granite)

Black Granite Countertops Make A Statement.

Because of the solidarity of black granite, it tends to make a statement. It is all encompassing, can break up and define a space, and can also make other colors and decor really stand out. Black is the blank slate, the clean and empty surface from which you have all the possibility of turning it into whatever you want to make it. But whatever you do, choose to make a statement.

That they are bold.

That they are versatile.

Black Granite Countertops

While most people consider it to be a modern color, used mostly in modern designs, this is a fallacy. Black granite has versatility that makes it well suited to be used for any design. Like this contemporary kitchen below. They’ve created a mix- matched kitchen, with the black matching the appliances and the flooring, standing boldly against the white hanging cabinets and backsplash, while still allowing the greenish blue color of the cabinets really pop.

While the list can go on for why black granite countertops are favored, we think you get it. They’re beautiful.

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