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All the best stories come from those with scars, and this piece of granite has many to tell. The wispy grays covering the charcoal black of the stone, with slashes of deep black and thick white, come together to tell a story in your home.

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The charcoal black color of the granite, with its smokey washes and bolts of white crystals and carved jet black, have struck through this granite, creating a truly textured slab. Negresco is unlike many granite pieces in that it is physically textured. When you run your hand over the stone, trace your fingers over the lightening bolts of what looks like white quartz, and feel the way the stone transitions in each part, you aren't getting just the visual stimulus of beautiful granite. You're getting the real sense of the stone. You're getting the story it tells.

The black and texture of this stone will pair nicely with colored cabinets of any variety. Think a stone grey, a soft blue, heavy metal black, or a creamy white as a base. Wherever you decide to place it there's one thing to take into account... that this scarred stone can tell a story in any room.

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