Mix-matched countertops for kitchens, materials, and colors can turn your kitchen from a functional space to a living space.

Creating a kitchen that really shows off your personality can be a challenge. For one, it’s hard to personify your character into countertops for kitchens. There are thousands of colors, patterns, and materials to choose from, and can you really just choose one? Well, with mix-matched countertops and cabinets, you don’t have to.

There is a rise in popularity of the more eclectic kitchen. Homeowners are liking the mix of wood, granite, an iconic and radically different kitchen island, and impressive lighting. Gone are the days when all kitchens are renovated in nearly identical looks. We don’t want plain anymore, we want character. We want to feel that we can live in our kitchens, because it is a vital part of our homes. As the old saying goes, “home is where the heart is”. So why not make it look like it?

Besides, many people believe they are happiest in the kitchen. It is a place of free expression. Where you can create masterpieces, experiment, try dishes you never thought you could create. The kitchen is a place that deserves a beautiful and creative makeover.  Take some ques from the countertops for kitchens below. They show that mix-matched countertops and different materials can create a wonderful design. But also be sure to follow a few simple rules. Yes, I know it doesn’t seem like there would be any rules to this kind of design, but there are. Loose ones, but they exist. Okay, and here they are.

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Things Still Have To Match

This design might seem sporadic at first. Maybe like they chose random materials, therefore creating a messy yet somehow cohesive design. But there is a theme here. While there are mix-matched countertops, they do match. The lights match the color of the island. The butcher block countertops on the island match the table and chairs. The gold on the lighting matches the picture frame and the pots and pans hanging on the wall (they are copper, but still along the same color scheme). The black cabinets tie into the tiled floors, which also have gold in them. The marble backsplash ties into the white island and the stainless steel appliances (matching the grey in it). There is a lot to look at and admire about this kitchen. The homeowner has truly mastered the art of mixing and matching.

Tasteful Countertops For Kitchens

There are a lot of easy ways for a kitchen to go from tasteful to hideous when it comes to mixing materials. Make sure that if you are going to use different colors, and materials, that they match and aren’t overwhelming. This simple and elegant design shows exactly the right way to mix and match. Having a darker or wood base with white cabinets hanging above is a very common thing among mix and match kitchens. As well as having both open shelving and closed cabinets. But notice that there are brown and black flecks in the granite countertops. They tied this into the design further by adding black handles on the cabinets, black appliances, and black decor (seen on the shelves). Keep it tasteful, keep it classy.

countertops for kitchens

Black & White & Wood 

This is one of the most common things you will see among mix and match kitchens. Mostly because black, white, and wood are easier to pair, and it looks good. The tiles on the floor have a beautiful black and white pattern. The butcher block peninsula matches the shelving, and the stove matches the cabinets that occupy a separate wall. There is almost a circulation to the room. The butcher block leads to the shelving and the stove leads to the black cabinets, it’s all circular. Also, pay attention to the smaller details like the lighting, window frames, and the decor. The brass on the lights matches the nobs on all of the cabinets and the stove. Even the glass surrounding the light bulbs matches the cake plate up on the shelf as well as the glass kettle on the stove.

countertops for kitchens

Simple Changes Can Make A Huge Different In Your Countertops For Kitchens & Bathrooms

Sometimes, the simple changes have the greatest impact. Take the kitchen below for example, there are mix-matched countertops. That wood countertop is ties into many of the decorations and tools like the cutting board, the knife holder, and the spice grinders on the shelf. They also stuck with a more antique theme, keeping objects that are reminiscent of a more retro kitchen. Simplicity at it’s finest.

countertops for kitchens

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Patterns That Pair Well With Countertops For Your Kitchen

If you are going to use patterns, again, you have to make sure to tie in the colors from the tiles into the rest of the design. In this case, the tiles (design not visible in this photo) are actually small hand-painted dutch scenes. They pulled the blue from those tiles to match the dark blue countertops. The white island with the marble waterfall countertops brighten the room, and pair with the sink and walls to create a dramatic design.

countertops for kitchens

The main takeaways from the idea of a mix and match kitchen, are to always match up your decor and smaller details to the rest of the design. Even though they may be contrasting materials, you need to take things the will tie it all together or else it will look completely broken. It all also needs to make sense. If you don’t have some kind of theme like retro, antique, dutch… you may not get your desired results. Remember, this is a place for free expression, but you aren’t a child with finger paint that went crazy on the walls. Design tastefully.

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