Often times the biggest headache in most people’s homes is their kitchen. It is the place that more than likely sees the most use, has the most small items (unless you own legos), and is the most difficult to get organized. Luckily, some savvy organizers have provided the internet with some of the most brilliant storage hacks for your kitchen.

If you’re kitchen is suffering from overcrowded cabinets and disorderly shelves, you might find some of these fixes to be an easy solution to the chaos.


under sink storage

The cabinet under the sink is often one of the most disorderly spaces in the kitchen. Mostly because there are no shelves, and majority of what is stored under there are small, loose items, or odd bottles. Think about it- sponges, rags, cleansers, trash bags, etc. A pull out drawer is one of the best ways to store these items in an organized way. Not only is it easier to keep them orderly, but because it pulls out, you no longer have to reach your head under the sink to try to find that last sponge.

I’ve also seen sturdy paper towel holders or rods hung on the cabinet door as well as on the wall inside the cabinet to hang garbage bags, giving easier access, getting rid of the box it’s kept in, and creating more space in the cabinet. Others have hung a short rod across the cabinet to hang spray bottles on. Or how bout this: screw a mesh metal magazine rack to the cabinet door to hold items like aluminum foil, seran wrap, and wax paper.

Ok, so there’s more than just 10 kitchen hacks in this article (just couldn’t help it).

pots and pans

If you don’t like your pots hanging from the ceiling, exposed on a wall, or clanking around in a messy drawer, this is one of the best solutions. You’ll never have to remove five pots before you find the one on the bottom ever again.

mason jars

This is particularly clever if you have little counter space but have plenty of cute jars. If gives you easy access to some of the things you use most, like spices or perhaps rice. Just screw the tops of mason jars the bottom of your overhead cabinet and then twist the jars into place.

dish drawer

Don’t like overhead cabinets? Are you too short to reach the top shelf of those hanging cabinets? Or do you simply want a better and easier way to organize and access some of your most used items? This is the way to do it. Not only is it a beautiful way to store your dishes, it’s also the most easily accessible.

cooking utensils

Not enough counter space, but you have a ton of cooking utensils? We hear ya. Instead of keeping a drawer full of disorganized utensils that you have to move around every time you are trying to find something, choose this smarter solution.

fruit storage

As you can see, drawers are one of the most popular ways of keeping things organized and looking good. Most vegetables and fruits don’t actually need to be stored in the refrigerator. Usually when they are, they take up a lot of space. This might be one of the most clever ways to display those gorgeous colors, and possibly even encourage your family to eat those items more often. If you don’t feel comfortable storing fruit and vegetables outside of the fridge because you want them to last longer, then perhaps use this space just for onions and potatoes.

pull out storage

Again, shelves that pull out are a common and efficient way of conserving space.

spice rack

Use a lot of grains? Flour? Spices? having a space with an easy access to your most used items will make clean up, as well as finding those items, easier. Plus it’s an attractive way to display your favorites.

drawers with boxes

Drawers with small boxes that can be moved around in the space is your best bet at keeping organized drawers. Lots of small items go into these spaces. So seriously, make it easier on yourself and add the removable boxes of various sizes and shapes.

bottom cabinets

Lazy Susan’s have always been a great way of using those large corner pockets of your bottom cabinets. There’s nothing more annoying in your kitchen than trying to reach something you need way back in Narnia. So add a stylish Lazy Susan, it’s so worth it.


Some of these solutions might have seemed obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t see these as options. Some of the spaces require new cabinets since most don’t have built in drawers. Some require a bit of handy work. Some of these require just a simple installation of shelves with tracks. Nonetheless there are hundreds of storage ideas for your kitchen, these were just a few. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, be sure to check out places like Pinterest and Houzz. Happy organizing!