11 Tips for Decking the Halls — In Your Kitchen!

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11 Tips for Decking the Halls — In Your Kitchen!   11 Tips for Decking the Halls — In Your Kitchen!

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11 Tips for Decking the Halls — In Your Kitchen!

11 Tips for Decking the Halls — In Your Kitchen!   11 Tips for Decking the Halls — In Your Kitchen!

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Decorating your kitchen is always fun but decorating it for the holidays takes it to a whole new level. It’s a fun way to display your holiday cheer and create a winter wonderland of fun inside your home.

The first step is to pick a theme. Do you like decorating with traditional Christmas colors? Are you a plaid lover? Do you prefer a soft look better with subtle color? Are you a big fan of an all-white winter look with hints of earthy tones? Whatever your style is, make sure you choose elements that complement each other to create a beautifully cohesive look. Here are 11 decorating ideas for your kitchen this holiday season.

1. Garland

Who doesn’t immediately think of garland when Christmas decorating is mentioned? It’s an easy way to be festive, add green and show your holiday spirit. It’s also very versatile and neutral. Put garland and ribbon around doorways to set the foundation for your Christmas decorating.

2. Decorate with Your Deliciousness

Holiday treats are not only delicious but beautiful as well. If you’re a fan of baking, bake some festive treats to display on your counter in a clear cake stand with a clear lid. This will add color, make your kitchen smell delicious and be a great way to get your family to gather in the kitchen. Make some Gingerbread houses to display as well — that is always a crowd-pleaser!

3. Put up a Small Christmas Tree

A small tabletop tree will match the garland perfectly and make your kitchen that much closer to looking like Santa’s little workshop. It might be fun to have your family decorate it together with ornaments, or perhaps you just want to leave it bare. Either way, it will be a sure way to add a Christmas flair to your kitchen,

4. Seasonal Replacements

Do you have neutral plate racks, mugs and potholders in your kitchen? Time to swap them out with festive holiday versions, which will look phenomenal on your kitchen countertops.

5. Decorate Your Chairs

Ribbon, wreaths and slipcovers are calling your name to spruce up your chairs and barstools for the holidays. Even if this is the only thing you do to your kitchen, it will still look cute and festive!

6. Fake Frost on the Windows

If you live somewhere that doesn’t get snow, adding some frost to your windows will help it feel like a white Christmas. Top them off with some greenery to match your garland.

7. Festive Towels

Who doesn’t love some red, plaid towels to match your Christmas mugs? This is an easy way to bring some Christmas colors to your kitchen. Feeling extra festive? Throw some decorative bowls into the mix.

8. Floral Arrangements

Christmassy floral arrangements with lots of greenery will help make your space look, feel and smell of holiday cheer.

9. Christmas Doormat

If you have a back door, a holiday doormat will at a touch of Christmas décor and can be saved to use every year.

10. Air Freshener

Nothing attracts a crowd more than the sweet smells of apple cinnamon, pine, pumpkin spice or gingerbread? What is your favorite fall or winter scent? I’m sure you can find an air freshener with it!

11. Christmas Lights

White Christmas lights in your kitchen are the perfect way to finish off your decorating. Lights are fun and festive. String them on the counter or around doorways for some more holiday cheer.

It’s finally that time of year again. Get the garland out, the holiday dishware, the fake candy canes and all your other fun Christmas décor. No matter what your style is, these eleven ideas will help to deck out your kitchen for the holidays.