13 Ways To Repurpose Your Granite Remnants

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13 Ways To Repurpose Your Granite Remnants   13 Ways To Repurpose Your Granite Remnants

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Granite Buying Made Simple

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13 Ways To Repurpose Your Granite Remnants

13 Ways To Repurpose Your Granite Remnants   13 Ways To Repurpose Your Granite Remnants

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It’s the start of the new year – out with the old and in with the new. But that principle isn’t sustainable when it comes to your new granite countertops. As one of Denver’s granite suppliers, we know that leftovers are unavoidable when installing granite and most end up getting tossed. From unique gifts such as coasters and whiskey stones to updating your garden patio, here are 13 useful ways to use your granite castoffs and give them a new life.

1. Vanity or Fireplace Hearth

If you have large slabs leftover, they work great as a sleek new bathroom vanity or even a fireplace hearth. If you don’t have large enough pieces, you can still create these by using smaller pieces to create a mosaic effect.

2. Coasters and Bookends

For smaller leftover pieces, granite is perfect for coasters in squares, circles, or even irregularly shaped pieces. Similar pieces can also be used as bookends with minimal shaping needed. Both of these are great gifts as well.

3. Whiskey Stones

If the granite remnants are too small for coasters, clean them well and pop them in the freezer. They work well to keep your drink of choice cool without the risk of watering it down.

4. Cutting and Cheese Boards

Having a leftover piece that is big enough for a cutting board is common. Granite is perfect for cutting and chopping, as it’s tough enough to slice things on but also easy to shape into a bespoke cutting surface that matches your kitchen counters. This goes for cheese boards as well. Why spend more on a granite cheese board when you can have one made exactly how you would like it. Pro tip: chill your granite in the fridge or freezer before you put your cheese on it, and your food will stay cool thanks to the thermodynamic properties of granite.

5. Lazy Susan

A granite lazy susan is an immediate upgrade from classic wood or plastic. You can keep it in the middle of your dining table for cutlery, napkins, and condiments or on your matching countertop for a rotating spice rack.

6. House Number Sign

Simply choose the size of slab you would like to affix outside your door. It can be engraved, painted, or both to create an unique house number display.

7. Memorial Plaque

Similar to the house sign, a granite slab can be used to mark a beloved pet’s burial in your garden or a loved one’s favorite spot. Granite slabs can be engraved easily with a heartfelt message and will stand the test of time.

8. Benches

Another project for a larger granite slab is a bench. It can be a perfect statement piece in your entryway, around your fire pit, or a resting place in your garden as the granite is very durable.

9. Garden Workspace

If you have a green thumb, you need a solid work surface for potting. Granite is an ideal material because you don’t have to do anything to it. Simply choose the size you need and the space you want, pop it down, and get to work.

10. Mosaic Pathway or Patio

If you have many leftover smaller or irregular pieces, a mosaic pathway or patio in your yard may be the best way to use the rest of your leftovers. You can use the same granite or a mixture of colors and patterns to create a unique mosaic you can enjoy for years to come.

11. Garden Fountain

While you may want to consult an expert for this project, you can do it yourself with a stacked stone method. With several flat scraps of granite (a hole drilled in each piece) and some copper piping, you will have a fancy bubbling fountain in your yard.

12. Shelving

Brighten up your laundry room by adding some stylish granite shelves to organize your space. Granite remnants also work well for bathroom shelving to help keep your vanity from looking cluttered and giving your bathroom a polished and finished look.

13. Tables

Add thick cast iron legs or thinner metal legs to a granite remnant for the perfect outdoor table. For a more elaborate side or coffee table, you can inlay some irregularly shaped granite into a wooden piece.

Bonus: Lamp Bases

Creating a matching lamp for your side table is another way to light up your room and upcycle your granite pieces. The larger flat slabs work well for a sleek lamp base while the smaller more irregular pieces can create an earthy and rustic textured base.

Any of these tips can apply to the old countertops you are replacing as well. Before you dispose of all that rock, plan some projects for your old countertops to save them from getting scrapped. If you don’t have a use for them, pass them along to a friend for use in their projects. It’s a great way to start your year with sustainability in mind.