3 Facts about Countertop Stores in Denver You Need to Know

In the market for new countertops? Who isn’t!?

Granite countertops, or other stone countertops like marble and quartzite, have been booming in popularity with homeowners in the Denver Metro area.

Home-flippers, home owners and business’ alike are all heading towards granite, marble or quartzite for their countertop solutions.

But with so many suppliers in the area, how can you find the right or best countertop store in Denver? We’ve compiled 3 quick tips so you can find the right countertop store for your project:


1) Find Wholesalers

The first fact we’ll cover is the benefit of finding a wholesaler. Shopping for your next countertop material with a wholesaler means a few things. First, you’ll have access to the widest selection of natural stone countertops. Second, most true wholesalers (like Granite Liquidators) are quarry direct and direct importers of their products. By shopping with a wholesaler, like Granite Liquidators, you’ll have the largest selection of materials at the best price, right at your fingertips.

Bianco Antico Granite Installed Example

2) Look for Transparent Pricing

Another fact to keep in mind when looking for countertop stores in Denver is that most suppliers will withhold pricing for their products. It’s not uncommon that these suppliers will respond with, “The price of that product is determined by your fabricator”. This is something you need to keep in mind. Why do they not reveal the price of their product?

The main reason is so that the fabricator can essentially mark up your material – again. When the slab is being held at a supplier’s location, the product has already been marked up. By telling you that the price is determined by your fabricator, it allows them to increase the price to whatever they deem appropriate.

Bianco Antico Granite Installed Example

That’s why we’re changing things up at Granite Liquidators. You should never be kept in the dark, especially when talking about the cost of your kitchen remodel. So if you call us asking for pricing, we’ll tell you exactly what the cost is on any of our products. Plus, we’re so transparent with our pricing that it’s even listed on our inventory page!


3) Quarry Direct / Direct Importers

Another fact you’ll want to keep in mind when looking for countertop store in Denver, is finding a quarry direct option.

As we mentioned before, most wholesalers are quarry direct – but it’s not always the case. The benefit with a quarry direct supplier means that you’ll have the best value for your project. By getting these materials directly from the quarry, suppliers like Granite Liquidators have eliminated all the unnecessary middle men. Less stops from the quarry to your home means less money out of pocket!

Outdoor Irish Black Leathered by Granite Liquidators