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With a virtually, unlimited selection of colors of stone materials to choose from, it’s no wonder why some homeowners see choosing their kitchen countertops as a difficult task. Having to effectively pair the colors of your counters to your cabinets, all while maintaining a consistent style involves taking numerous variables into consideration.

To make this process a little easier for you, in this article we’ll provide examples of granite, marble, and quartzite kitchen countertops to spark some inspiration for your next project!


New Caledonia

One of our basic slabs of granite that we stock, this example of a kitchen utilizing New Caledonia brings a more traditional look to the home. Atop white cabinets, coupled with moments of black within the backsplash creates a very clean, modern look.

NC Example GL Blog


Perhaps the reason for this stone’s high popularity is that the stone grey coloring provides more versatility as it can be paired with white, brown or even black cabinets.

NC Example GL Blog

Sand Cream

If you’re one that favors a very traditional style, then pairing a color like sand cream with cherry brown cabinets would be idea.

5 Inspiring Kitchen Countertops with our Favorite Slabs

Personally, I tend to enjoy a very contemporary approach to designing kitchens. However, this application of Sand Cream makes me think twice about the potential of traditional styles. It looks absolutely beautiful, especially with the different hues of golden backsplash.

5 Inspiring Kitchen Countertops with our Favorite Slabs

White Macaubus (Quartzite)

One of the best features of White Macaubus is that it looks like a marble countertop, when it’s actually quartzite. Now, the difference between the two materials isn’t significant at all – in terms of functionality and durability – but you can certainly save money by looking into quartzite or granite that looks like marble, as actual marble countertops tend to be on the more expensive side – especially if you purchase through a name brand.

White Macaubus Quartzite GL Blog

This kitchen example is extraordinary! The white on white look is one of my personal favorites. It has such a clean, elegant look that is highlighted exceptionally well with the use of stainless steel appliances and hardware for the cabinets.

White Macaubus GL Blog example

The second example also shows that White Macaubus can be used with black cabinets, another contrasting look that I am particularly fond of. When there is a stark contrast between the cabinets and countertop, the material will truly pop and catch attention.



As a black stone, there are essentially two options for cabinet colors: white or brown. White would lead to a contrasting look, popular within contemporary designs while brown would create a more traditional look.

Ubatuba Granite Example GL Blog

As the homeowner, you are in control of which route you would take in terms of coloring for your kitchen countertops. But, in my own opinion, combining Ubatuba with white cabinets is the optimal choice. When both the cabinets and the countertop are a darker color, it’s harder for natural light to be drawn in – creating an overall darker atmosphere.



Bianco Antico

And last but certainly not least, Bianco Antico! Another one of our more popular and favorite slabs, it’s known to be highly versatile. Just like New Caledonia, it can be paired with brown, black or white cabinets – it all depends on what style you want and what you think looks good!

Bianco Antico

The look of Bianco Antico is almost futuristic when placed atop black cabinets. So if it were my home, I would certainly choose that combination.

Bianco Antico

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