5 Tip Guide to Natural Quartzites vs Granite Countertops

Quartzite, not to be mistaken with its man-made counterpart “quartz”, is another contender for one of the best countertop materials on the market.

Did you know that a majority of homeowners don’t even know quartzites exist?

Because Quartz countertops have been so heavily marketed in the industry, not many people are aware that Quartzites are even an option or how they compare to other natural stone countertops.

That’s why we’ve put together a quick 5 Tip guide to Natural Quartzites vs Granite Countertops!


Number 1: Both come from Mother Nature, herself

Remember, Quartzite is the naturally occurring countertop material – not the engineered one (i.e. quartz). Just like granite countertops, quartzite slabs are formed beneath the earth’s surface.

While granite is formed via magma cooling and solidifying, quartzites are a type of sandstone that is formed from intense heat and pressure.

And quartzite slabs are cut from enormous mountains of a pure, crystalized quartz minerals – which gives these stones are given an unmatched density that occurs naturally.


Number 2: Both are great for Kitchens

Granite and natural quartzite slabs are ideal countertop materials for kitchen projects.


terra bianca quartzite countertop kitchen

They are both highly resistive to heat, scratching, staining and even chemical etching!

So things like hot pans, wine stains and etching from abrasive chemicals (i.e. home cleaners) won’t have much of an effect on your quartzite or granite countertop.


Number 3: Both are Easy to Maintain

It’s not uncommon among homeowners that the material they choose will have low maintenance requirements.

Who wants to spend all their time cleaning/ up keeping their countertops?

Neither granite, nor quartzite countertops require a crazy amount of maintenance. While it’s recommended that you seal your countertops annually, we’ve seen plenty of homeowners skate by re-sealing once every two or three years.


Number 4: Both come in a wide variety of colors

One of the distinct features of natural stone countertops is that they are like snowflakes:

You’ll never see the same one twice.

These slabs, coming from beneath the earth’s surface, will have their color schemes and patterns ever changing – as the different layers of minerals, sediments and rocks are not consistent.

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Number 5: They’re also perfect for bathrooms!

Now, because these slabs are highly resistive to stains – they’re great options for bathrooms which see a lot of moisture.

5 Tip Guide to Natural Quartzites vs Granite Countertops

After reading this guide, it sounds like quartzite slabs and granite slabs are very similar.

And they are.

The main difference comes from how they are formed, which also leads to the secondary difference: coming from a mountain of pure quartzite crystals gives these slabs an incredibly unique and unmatched density.

Head to our quartzite page to learn more!