5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean, Clear, and On Display

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5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean, Clear, and On Display   5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean, Clear, and On Display

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5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean, Clear, and On Display

5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean, Clear, and On Display   5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean, Clear, and On Display

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Kitchens are the central hub of your home, where the big and little moments in life happen. How your kitchen looks often sets the tone for your house, so you have invested in countertops worth displaying. But your kitchen isn’t just used daily; you use it hourly. Here are some tips to keep your kitchen clutter-free and showcase your gleaming countertops.

1. Clean Up As You Go

If you don’t already clean up as you work, this can be a tough trick to master, but it’s worth it as it helps keep your house tidy. By cleaning your messes as you go instead of procrastinating, you will only have a few things to clean rather than a whole messy kitchen, which can lead to more procrastination.

While cooking dinner, try to load utensils you are finished using in the dishwasher, so you only have dishes from the meal to worry about afterward. Wipe up small spills as they happen, especially on the stovetop, so they don’t have a chance to harden, requiring a lot more elbow grease to clean.

2. Have A Cleaning Schedule

Speaking of elbow grease, give yourself a set cleaning schedule and be consistent. You will find you are more likely to keep things tidy after you have cleaned them. Have a set day or time for dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping. Give a monthly once over to your oven, refrigerator, and even smaller kitchen appliances. Use suitable cleaning materials for your kitchen surfaces to keep your stainless steel appliances and granite countertops sparkling in the Colorado sunshine.

3. Decrease Your Countertop Clutter

If you let your mail pile up, sorting through it can be a daunting task. Small amounts of clutter will lead to more. If you allow the clutter to start to pile up, your kitchen becomes messier by the day. Clutter can make it harder to stick to your cleaning routine. Try to keep your kitchen as clutter-free as possible to encourage a clean kitchen. Have storage places for appliances you don’t use daily to avoid congestion. Avoid overly decorating your countertops and choose functional decor to help contain the clutter.

4. Have a Morning and Evening Routine

Find an easy routine that works with your typical schedule. Unload the dishwasher or empty your dish drainer as your coffee brews in the morning. Run your Roomba as you sip that morning coffee. Load the dishwasher and finish the dinner dishes during your evening wind down. Wipe down your countertops, so you start your day with shining surfaces. Dirt or water specs on your countertops will make your kitchen look messier. Matte countertops do a better job at hiding these mess-makers, so be sure to be extra mindful if you have glossy finishes.

5. Take Time To Organize

Find a home for each item in your kitchen. If you have a place for things, you will have a spot to return them to quickly when you are finished. The trick is to purge the clutter first and then organize. Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions.

  • Try and find multi use items instead of single-tasked appliances and gadgets.
  • Have places in your cabinets for appliances you don’t use daily, like your blender or mixer.
  • Have homes for your food as well, either in your fridge or pantry, so you can locate ingredients and return them just as quickly.
  • While spice racks can be part of your decor, a spice cabinet or drawer can help keep things organized.
  • Having a cooking utensil drawer instead of a catch-all holder can decrease the clutter and help you stay more organized.
  • If you have an item that frequently ends up without a place or is getting shuffled around your kitchen, it might be time to purge it for good.

Bonus Tip: Embrace The Chaos

This tip may seem to go against all the previous advice, but embrace the chaos in a contained way. Give yourself a junk drawer to be a catch-all for all the items you can’t find a place for right then. Just make sure to go through this drawer routinely. If you work from home or have a child doing distance learning and using your kitchen table as a desk, let the mess and clutter happen during working hours. But, clean up as you go and return those items to their home at the end of your day. Stay on top of the cleaning and clutter to prevent your work or school from taking over your whole kitchen.

For those with limited storage, smaller kitchens, or who live with a bit of clutter day to day. When you have company coming, deploy the laundry basket. Take a laundry basket to gather up all the unnecessary appliances and clutter on your countertops and store it in a spare closet, guest room, or on top of your dryer. Doing this will open up your entire kitchen and allow your counters to be on display. Just make sure to give them a final wipe down around those items you just cleared.

Granite makes a stunning kitchen countertop. Unfortunately, daily messes and kitchen clutter often keep them from being a focal point in the kitchen. Developing cleaning and organizing habits now will allow your granite kitchen countertops to truly shine.


Granite countertops are beautiful and long-lasting. But with a pile of things and mess on it, no one will appreciate its aesthetic. The kitchen is always busy, but there are things you can do to keep your countertop clutter-free and clean. Read on and keep them in mind to better maintain your kitchen and countertop.

5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean, Clear, and On Display