7 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Quartzite Countertops

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7 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Quartzite Countertops   7 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Quartzite Countertops

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7 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Quartzite Countertops

7 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Quartzite Countertops   7 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Quartzite Countertops

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Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. It has a beautiful appearance, often resembling marble but a bit nicer on your wallet. These aesthetically pleasing and robust qualities make it a popular choice for kitchen countertops. With some minor regular maintenance and an awareness of your cleaning choices, your quartzite countertops will maintain their attractiveness for years to come.

1. Do a Daily Surface Wipe-Down

The easiest thing you can do to keep your kitchen quartzite countertops looking pristine is to give them a daily wipe-down with a damp cloth. You could use a small amount of mild cleaner. Simple dish soap is often sufficient, but consider investing in a gentle pH-neutral natural stone cleaner.

2. Do Not Use Cleaners with a Citrus or Vinegar Base

I often find that white vinegar or half a lemon are great natural cleaners to use around the home to bring up a shine and eliminate pesky lingering smells. But these should not be used on your kitchen quartzite slabs as their acidity will damage the sealant, and they will need replacing quicker. Some safe-to-use scented cleaners are available if you like to clean with lemon because of the clean smell. Still, it is best to test them in an inconspicuous place to ensure they are suitable for your quartzite before you spritz on the whole countertop.

3. Do Use Something Soft to Clean Them

Quartzite is a strong material that will stay bright and shiny for many years if properly looked after. Make sure to use a soft cloth, such as a sponge or a microfiber cleaning cloth, because scrubbing too hard with something abrasive like a scourer or the rough side of a sponge can leave scratches and make it impossible to get that gorgeous shine back. If you want, you can purchase specifically designed stone cleaning clothes. These double packs usually contain a microfiber cloth which is super absorbent and perfect for wiping the counters down, and then another polishing cloth to bring the shine back to how it was when the counter was brand new.

4. Do Not Use Knives Without a Cutting Board

A knife can do much worse damage to your countertop than a rough sponge. Invest in chopping boards for your food preparation, and never give in to the temptation to chop or slice directly onto their surface to save time. If you find a build-up of any stubborn residue on the counters, like dried oatmeal, do not try to save time by using a sharp blade to scrape it off, as you will risk worse damage to the counter. Instead, wet the mark and use a blunt tool like a putty knife to ease it away.

5. Do Clean Up Spills Straight Away

You always run the risk of spills or splashes getting onto your countertops when you cook. Quartzite is highly resistant to staining if adequately sealed. But it is not perfect, especially if you forget any splatters, and they are left to soak and not wiped away immediately. It is important to remember to deal with spills quickly if the splatter is acidic, such as a tomato-based pasta sauce or red wine, because these will stain the countertop and damage its seal if left too long.

If you have missed a spill and it has left a mark, do not panic; you can get up most stubborn stains without further damaging the countertop by making a poultice of baking soda and water. Mix them into a paste and spread over the blemish, cover with plastic wrap and leave it for a day or two. When you lift the wrap, wipe away the paste with warm water, and the stain should come out.

6. Do Not Use Bleach-Based Cleaning Products

A bleach-based cleaning product might be a good idea because it is alkaline or basic instead of acidic. It is very efficient at getting rid of bacteria, which is a factor you want in a kitchen cleaner. However, these products are too harsh for a quartzite countertop and will damage its sealant. Bleach can also cause the counter to lighten in color and become patchy. Warm soapy water is the best tried and tested way to keep your countertops looking great.

7. Do Remember to Get Your Counters Sealed Regularly

Your quartzite countertops should be resealed yearly or more frequently, depending on your usage. This protective layer ensures they remain watertight and offers protection against light damage or staining from your daily use. Most stone sealers are easy to apply. You spray or wipe on the product and leave it to dry. Remember to open your windows to allow for ventilation, as fumes can be toxic. It will also help the sealant dry quicker.

If you are considering quartzite countertops for your home, these tips should help you see how little upkeep they need to stay gleaming. Some small, simple steps can prevent damage to your quartzite countertops and keep them in pristine condition so you can enjoy your gorgeous kitchen for years to come.