Here at Granite Liquidators, we take pride in providing our customers with a simple buying process when it comes to granite, as well as affordable prices. We have been in the building materials business in Denver for 45 years and have learned the ins and outs of what makes granite buying simple and what makes it stressful. We have taken out all the components that make your stress levels go up and made it a very peaceful and fun experience. Now if you are just coming across us you may be wondering, who is Granite Liquidators? Well, we are a granite wholesaler that gets our stones directly from the quarries who import the stones from Brazil and India. Because we get our stones directly from the quarries and not from a middle man, we have the ability to provide only the highest quality of stones on the market. Here are a few reasons to buy from granite liquidators, and why we believe that we stand out from others.

Our Selection

All the stones we get are high quality and come from Brazil and India, like we mentioned above. We always have a wide selection of granite, marble, quartzite and dolomite in duel finished, honed, leathered and high gloss finishes. All our stones have unique characteristics that make them stand out with their vibrant colors and creative patterns of movement.

Affordable Pricing

All of our stones are priced fairly and have no hidden fees behind them. We price our stones based on a level system from level 1 to level 5. The lower the level the lower the price, so you can know your price range by simply only viewing stones in your level. We also stock private selection stones can be more pricey but the outcome afterwards is unmatched.

3 Step Buying Process

We totally understand how buying a stone can be extremely overwhelming from choosing the right stone, staying in your budget and installing it. That’s why we have broken it down into a three-step process starting with the research. This is the part of the process where you sit down with our stone specialist and they try and match you with a few different stones based on your wants and needs such as budget, stone types and design. Once they have chosen a select few, you get to take a walk through our slab yard and take a look at the stones yourself. Once you pick your stone, we will connect you with a fabricator that can do your install. Now you get to relax and watch your dream kitchen appear in front of your eyes. That’s our three-step process: research, connect with a fabricator, and relax.

No Hidden Fees

At Granite Liquidators we have no hidden fees. The only two fees are the stone itself and a fabrication fee, if you use one of our personal fabricators we work with. We also offer a free estimate. If you aren’t sure about certain things, don’t worry about it. Feel free to give us a call and get a free estimate to know what you’re walking into! We like to be transparent at Granite Liquidators, we don’t hide anything!


If you’re stuck when it comes to choosing a design for your kitchen and need some inspiration, go check out our blog on our website We write blogs weekly full of inspiration and contextual information on the ins and outs of renovating your new kitchen.

Here at Granite Liquidators, our main goal is to keep you stress free and avoid overwhelming you. We do this with our three-step process, a wide selection, true pricing, and inspiration. We are transparent and human. When you come here, you are family which means you get nothing but respect and nothing but true pricing and information. We get 4 new containers of stones each month, so you are guaranteed to find your perfect stone for your kitchen. We work closely with designers and fabricators to get you the best inspiration and installation to prolong the life of your granite. If you just have a basic question about stones and aren’t looking to buy, still come by. Our stone specialist would be happy to assist you and make you leave with a smile on your face!