Over the centuries Denver has had to quickly adapt to the random influxes of the number of natives and migrants that have called it their home. Denver tends to have peppered gentrification that encompasses one historical area at a time. Congress Park has long been a part of Denver history and is one of the most sought-after areas for residential and bungalow style living today.

The Introduction of Bungalow Style Living

This area was redeveloped for the first time around the 1880’s to accommodate a substantial growth in population. Subdivisions were plotted out and houses began to erect. The popular style of housing of the day was “the bungalow”. A single level home with a functional attic, housed all of the necessary rooms for family living with a small footprint.

Many of these original structures remain today and are being remodeled using granite countertops in Denver. If you love a pared down look but not extremely modern, Congress Park designers are producing the look your after using granite countertops in Denver. Playing off of many of the original architectural characteristics of the past, modern day designers are using minimalism, monochromatic colors, wood and metal textures, and granite countertops in Denver to revamp the neighborhood. Using these elements designers are able to find a perfect balance between “bare” and “busy” to give a new look to these bungalows.

Bungalow Style Living and Granite Countertops

The design options are endless but for the décor that designers are looking for in Congress Park requires a few staples. One of these is using granite countertops in Denver. Because granite countertops in Denver go with any décor style, they are the easiest way to add subtle elegance to a historical home. Designers are matching granite countertops in Denver with neutral color palettes and splashes of deeper tones to harness a vibrant but minimalistic ambiance.

By using similar granite selections throughout the entire home in the kitchen and baths, designers are creating cohesive looks that brings the whole bungalow together. These granite countertops in Denver really accent specialized flooring choices, cabinetry, and wall coverings that have contrasting patterns and colors for a true professional design feel.

Using granite countertops in Denver for these bungalow re-dos allows decorators to make the most use of smaller spaces. Bungalow kitchens are by far expansive and are not usually big enough to include an island using granite countertops in Denver. But by lining kitchen walls with granite countertops in Denver, extra space can be created quite easily. A popular design element is finding open wall space for a usable granite countertop in Denver with no cabinetry above or below. This open space can be used for extra bar style seating or for additional furniture pieces that are decorative or functional.

In a tiny space with lots of hard surfaces like granite countertops in Denver, textiles play a huge role in decorating. Implementing dramatic rugs as well as vibrant fabrics for windows and chairs, a stark cold room can become very inviting in the blink of an eye.

Even if you do not have Congress Park bungalow of your own, you can incorporate the same design elements using granite countertops in Denver. The clean-cut minimalistic look can easily be incorporated into your home!