Farmhouse Kitchens Are Easily Achieved With These Features.

The farmhouse kitchen is increasing in popularity in part because of shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and also because of circulating images, and other shows taking on such a nostalgic feel in their kitchens. But this trend isn’t just catching because other people are doing it. It’s because Farmhouse Kitchens have a personality, a character that so many homeowners look for when purchasing homes.

People want the crown molding and the original doors and hardwood. This is because we like rooms that have more to offer than just space. We like the stories they tell and the lives they’ve lived, and yes, kitchens can tell stories. But, as well all know, most spaces need a bit of updating, even if we want to keep a lot of the original features. Which is most likely why farmhouse kitchens speak to so many people. They allow for a bit of nostalgia, personality, and character, and tie it into all the comforts of a modern kitchen.

So, how do you achieve this coveted farmhouse style? It often doesn’t take much. In fact, in most cases you can even keep your existing kitchen and simply add accents and decor. This would be things like white porcelain pitchers, white and decorative cloths hanging over dowels, decorative bowls, displayed fruit in wicker baskets, large glass jars holding flour and sugar displayed on the counter, and lots of glass bottles. But, if you’re looking to do an all out remake of your kitchen, consider the inspiration below:

Incorporate Wood In Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic wood shelving or cabinets are a great way to incorporate a farmhouse look into your kitchen. The great thing about wood is its ability to adapt to very different styles, but typically it is used to add more character to a space. Which is exactly what you’re looking to do with the farmhouse style. What’s interesting about the kitchen below is the various mismatched colors and materials that are being used. You have metal fixtures and lights above the sink, and a wire basket, wood cabinets with granite countertops, a red tiled floor, and different colors of pant on shelves and cabinets. It almost seems eclectic, but they way they tie together screams farmhouse.

farmhouse kitchen



White is a common color chosen for a farmhouse kitchen. It holds the same character as white picket fences, horse stables, barns… and if you’ve ever driven through the country you’ll see that most homes are white. Add a barn door like the one in the kitchen below, and you’re drastically changing the feel of the entire kitchen. Put out cutting boards, glass jars, and a place to put your bread and you’ve achieved a farmhouse kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen

Breezy Color & Big Windows

There’s something about soft colors like the light green below, with big paneled windows over the sink, looking out into the back yard. There are a lot of subtle things in the kitchen below that create a farmhouse look. The pendant light over the sink, the dainty shades over the windows, the farmhouse sink, the floor to ceiling hutch style cabinets off to the side, and the black granite countertops that break up the space. It’s all perfectly balanced. Each small item contributing to the larger image. But without the color and the big windows, you could say the kitchen would have missed its mark.

farmhouse kitchen


All In The Details

There is no doubt that there is a lot of wood in this kitchen. While that is a big player in what makes it a farmhouse kitchen, without the accents, it wouldn’t meet the standards. The baskets on the open bottom island, and the displayed food adds a great touch of personality to this kitchen. As do the dark colored chairs, the pendant lights, and the wood beams on the ceiling. They truly make the space.

farmhouse kitchen

Say It, Literally

Everything about this kitchen says, “I live on a farm”, especially the sign saying “White House Farm”. This kitchen is so classically farmhouse with its white cabinets, curtain under the sink, porcelain white dishes and displays on the butcher block countertops.

farmhouse kitchen


You don’t have to live out on the farm to achieve farmhouse style, and these images are great examples of ways you can achieve the look in simple, and beautiful ways.

If you’re looking for more information on how to achieve these looks, take a look at our other articles. 


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