When it comes to your kitchen, the main things you want are functionality and organization. Your kitchen is the one place in your home that you spend a decent amount of time in. From memories made by cooking and baking, cleaning, and enjoying a cup of coffee your kitchen sees a lot of traffic between you, your family, and visitors. What do you picture when you think of the perfect kitchen? Lots of cabinet and storage space, a large open sink, refrigerator space, and overall organization? All these things are vital in designing a kitchen that is functional and enjoyable. 

Your kitchen island sees all the entertaining, the cooking and the baking, which means you need access to all the important components like a sink, trash, and a mini-fridge. Let’s talk about some of the things you can add to your kitchen island to enhance your day to day routine. 

A Sink 

Now, as we mentioned, your island is where you do all the cooking and baking for the most part. A big component in cooking and baking is the sink. There are a lot of older kitchens or certain kitchen layouts that put the sink back in a corner or along the back counter with little access. Well, wouldn’t it make sense if you’re using your island to have a sink nearby? If you are installing an island in your kitchen or are building a house, consider putting the sink in the island so you have access. 

Mini Fridge or Cooler 

Aside from your day to day routine, if you are entertaining, everyone tends to crowd around the island that is covered in food. If you install a mini-fridge, a wine cooler, or a beverage fridge you can keep all the necessities for a party nearby like beer, wine, hard liquor, soda, and juice. This way your guests aren’t lurking around in your fridge seeing how much cake you ate the night before. 


This one might sound interesting, because obviously if you install a microwave on an island it is down low. There are a few benefits to this, you have easy access to it, and you can use the space that it used to be for extra cabinet space. It also makes it easier to throw food in while you’re cutting and not having to carry it across the kitchen, getting food on the floor. However, you do want to be careful with little ones around and make sure they can’t get to it. 

Cooktop and Oven 

Most of the time when you are cooking, you are using the stove and the oven at some point. If you are doing all your preparing, chopping, and mixing on the island how easy would it be to have the stove and oven right there? You can easily transfer food and not worry about spilling it or burning yourself by moving it around. It’s all in one spot and is easy to get to. 


Some islands will have storage space all the way around and some won’t, it just depends. Most kitchens you have one cupboard of things you only use once every so often like serving dishes, holiday-specific stuff, and certain pots and pans and storing them is a pain. Well, if you have storage all the way around you can use the storage underneath our bar stools for the items you don’t need as often. This way you can keep your kitchen more organized and laid out in a way that is more functional. 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and you are in here every day living your life, going about your normal routine. Without organization, functionality, and storage your kitchen will easily become a place that you don’t want to spend time in which can make cooking very difficult. To gain more inspiration about kitchen design, visit our website and check out our blogs! If you are looking into remodeling your kitchen, reach out today to speak with a specialist about the process and get started today!