Few building materials are able to match the beauty and chic style of granite. Nature marks each granite slab with unique markings, patterns, and colors that cannot be matched. When people hear about granite, they most commonly associate it with kitchen countertops. Due to its stunning appearance and durability, many homeowners and interior designers are now taking granite to the next level by installing it in bathrooms. It does not stop at countertops- check out these alternative uses for granite.

Alternative Uses for Granite- Showers

Granite is a great choice for showers, because of the very same reasons that it is the top choice for countertops. It is durable, long lasting, easy to clean, and non-porous.

Furthermore, because of the natural aesthetics of granite, it can take a drab bathroom and turn it into a spa oasis. You can be reminded daily of the wonders of nature as you take in the individual characteristics of your granite slabs. Accenting it with a pebbled shower floor will make you feel like you are thousands of miles away from your daily grind.

Alternative Uses for Granite- Granite Floors

Granite tiles, once a thing of the past, are now readily available for easy installation. Because your bathroom floor takes as much abuse as your kitchen counter, granite is not only a beautiful, but practical choice. Granite tiles can emit the same ambiance that was once coveted in Roman Baths. Despite its hard and shiny surface, granite can be calming to all of the senses.

Keep in Mind: Both granite showers and granite floors require professional fabrication and installation. This will not only ensure its longevity but will protect from leaking. Although granite is low maintenance, it is imperative that you seal granite showers and floors to prevent water from seeping underneath. For these reasons, installation can take a significantly longer amount of time.

Alternative Uses for Granite

Alternative Uses for Granite- Decorate With Granite Remnants

If you want some of the same décor expression that a granite shower or granite floor provides, but you do not have the budget or ability to do so, consider using granite remnants in your bathroom remodel. Granite remnants that are left over from fabrication or broken slabs are an economically friendly way to get some of the spa like atmosphere you may be looking for.

You can use these pieces to insert into ceramic tile on walls or floors for added dimension. Larger remnants can also be fashioned into shelves that are not only purposeful but unique. Small fragments of granite can also be made in to trays by simply attaching hardware. These can be placed on the side of tubs or on countertops for use or décor.

Here are some other alternative uses for granite using leftover pieces that you do not want to waste:


Stress Relief Stones

Paper Weights

Fireplace Stones


Window Sills

Back in the 90’s, granite was considered to be something only to be had by the rich and famous. Because it is now readily available and offered at pricing levels that most homeowners can afford, everyone can have granite in their homes. The unique look of your granite that no one else will have is priceless and will amp up any décor that you currently have.