Your outdoor kitchen is the main focal point of your backyard and it is the place where a lot of your time is spent during the warm summer months. Even though it’s the middle of winter, it’s never too early to start planning for the upcoming spring and summer. Whether you have an outdoor kitchen already and are looking to update it or you are wanting to add a kitchen to your backyard retreat this blog is perfect for you. The biggest question homeowners ask is why they should use granite for their kitchens indoors and out? Well, we are here to answer that question and give you some design inspiration for your new outdoor kitchen.

Because this kitchen is outdoors, you want its components to be durable and long-lasting so you don’t have to worry about the kitchen in harsh weather like rain and snow. So to answer your questions of why should you use granite? Well, granite is one of the most durable stones, which means it is reliable and long-lasting while and also looks great!


Granite is extremely durable and among the hardest stones on the hardness scale, which means it won’t crack or chip under pressure. You don’t have to worry about the snow is too heavy, the hail falling just right, or even damage from wind. Because of how hard it is, you also don’t have to worry about scratching it with pots, pans, dishes, or even knife cuts.

Heat Resistant

Granite is also heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the high temperatures affecting it as well as hot pots when you’re cooking. 

Stain Resistant

Now, because your kitchen is outdoors and is used mostly during the summer during pool parties, BBQs, family gatherings, and birthday parties there is a lot of commotion happening around it and the chances of spills occurring are highly likely. Granite is stain resistant and is nonporous, so if a spill does occur you don’t have to worry about it instantly staining. So you can enjoy the festivities and not worry about everyone being so careful.

Design Aspect

Of course, one of the most important aspects of your outdoor kitchen is the design aspect. With granite, you can customize your kitchen to look exactly how you want it to and to match the style you’re going for. Whether it’s Tuscan, farmhouse, rustic, or modern you can find a stone that is unique in its own way and will look great outdoors.

Design Inspiration

Now that you know all of the reasons why you should use granite for your outdoor kitchen, let’s give you some design inspiration. For the most part, an outdoor kitchen is a relativity simple with a grill, a mini-fridge, and some counter space. You can truly get as crazy as you possibly want with your kitchen design and can add anything like a wine cooler, a small dishwasher, an ice maker, and even a cooktop. You can get as simple or as crazy as you want because it’s your outdoor kitchen!

Half Slabs

Chances are that with an outdoor kitchen, you won’t need a full slab of granite because the area of counter space won’t isn’t as big as a normal indoor kitchen. At Granite Liquidators, we offer half slabs that start at $325 and are the same stones as our full slabs. This allows you to keep on budget, and not have as much leftover so you aren’t wasting materials. To check out our half slabs come visit us at our Arvada location and talk to a stone specialist today!

Your backyard is an important part of your home and you want it to be ready for all the things that spring and summer bring, from laying in the sun to big parties. By using granite and keeping your outdoor kitchen updated, you will be able to enjoy the warm spring and summer months rather than worrying about the upkeep that needs to be done! It’s never too soon to start planning our project in the coming months. Start the planning process today with one of our trained specialists!