Make your dream home a reality by adding an attic bathroom.

Attic space often becomes a junk room, simply storage. Everything up there becomes covered in a thick and grimy layer of dust. For decades, that attic space was meant to be just that. A collection space where wiring, plumbing, heating and cooling could go. But homeowners are now seeing the advantage of renovating the attic, and gaining that added square footage for an attic bathroom, bonus room, studio, bedroom, playroom, etc.

What makes renovating the attic such a good idea? Well, you have the benefit of not having to add walls or roof. It is basically just an unfinished room. It would cost a lot less to renovate a space like this than it likely would a basement, and certainly less than a whole new addition. Because it is a wide and empty space, it leaves you with a lot of options. Let your creativity and imagination run wild, but first, think of what you need. If you need an extra bedroom for a child or a space for you or the kids to retreat to, an attic creates a great opportunity.

The most common renovation for an attic space, is to transform the room into a master sweet. Mostly because there is a lot of space and an opportunity for skylights. Going along with the attic bedroom is the attic bathroom, and there is much to admire about such a place. It can be beautifully done and often have much more space and afforded luxury than the other bathrooms in your home.

Below is some bathroom inspiration for if and when you decide to transform your attic into a master bedroom/ bathroom haven.


Clean and Simplistic

The bathroom below is fairly simple, but the design speaks for itself. The sloping roof gives the design an upper hand by adding more interest to this simple room.

attic bathroom


Escape is exactly what I think of when I look at this bathroom. The window seat, soft blue walls, short wainscoting, candles, and claw foot tub… it’s all like a dream. Not only does the design cause visions of a daily escape, but because it is an attic bathroom and secluded from the rest of the house, it sort of becomes one.

attic bathroom


Massive Skylight

Attics present the opportunity for skylights, which can really open up and brighten a space. In this case, the bathroom is fairly small, but the light wall color and flooring add to the light and open feel of this attic bathroom. Even the shower has a skylight of its own. If you don’t have a very large attic, a small bathroom like this can still be worth the renovation.

attic bathroom

All About That Space

There’s no doubt that there is a lot of space in this attic, and they have dedicate a lot of that space to the bathroom. But if you have the space and the imagination, you can turn it into a masterpiece, a showcase, a place unlike the rest of your home. The beams that are often in attics can be played up, dramatized, and become part of an incredible design. It’s your space, so dream it.

attic bathroom




The simplicity of this bathroom, and the beauty of the claw foot tub make this one romantic bathroom. It is best imagined with tons of candles of all sizes being placed all around the room, and a hot bath drawn with rose petals while staring above at the night sky, or watching the rain as it hits the windows on a spring evening. It may seem like a plain room at first, but it is truly a dramatic space.

attic bathroom



While an attic bathroom may be a beautiful addition to your home, it may not be exactly what you are looking for. You can also check out our blog for inspiration on other uses for the attic:

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attic bathroom